Meet our housemates. Q&A with branding and design agency Lyon & Lyon.

  Rebrand of Juice Club to lifestyle brand Supernatural

Rebrand of Juice Club to lifestyle brand Supernatural

Next up in our Q&A series we spent some time with Roco housemates Lyon & Lyon based in studios in 342. We talk about their evolution from product and interior design to design agency.  

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do? 

I’m Ben Lyon creative director of Lyon & Lyon, then we’ve got Mat Lyon who is my twin and fellow creative director, then we have our wonderful designer Steph who has been working for us for nearly 3 years and last but not least Jack who recently joined as a junior designer and is settling in nicely.

Describe your brand in a sentence.

We’re a twin owned international award winning branding and packaging agency that challenge convention to change perception.

How did you get to where you are now?

Myself & brother Mat both studied Product Design at uni then went off to pursue different paths. I went to carve out a new career in interior design and Mat worked in product design in London. We were both drawn to branding for its ease of getting an idea out in to a mass audience.  We started Lyon & Lyon 4 years ago specialising in branding then as we grew we found that a natural next step for a lot of our clients was packaging design. This was the ideal marriage of the product design we studied back at university and branding that we started out with. It is here where we really started to pull away from the competition, win awards and become internationally recognized for our work.

What makes you different?

"As we’re a small agency we find that we are always to take risks for our clients, we don’t have board member to appease or crazy overheads that come with a big team"

Risk taking is important for us as it means that we have the freedom to create standout brand stories for our clients. The fact we’re twins does help too, this unique dynamic gets us to the core of the idea quick because we have a no holds barred approach with each other much to the delight of our team.

  Twisted Spirits

Twisted Spirits

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far.

We’re lucky in that the majority of work we do is interesting to us, it really helps us creatively when we’re into what we’re doing. We’re actually working on a brand called Fifteen Minutes, it’s a mental health service that specialises in working with millennials. They’ll be dealing with emerging contemporary issues like ghosting Instagram addiction and gaming addiction along with a host of more recognized issues. The challenge for us was to create a brand that would engage millennials and offer advice about mental health but without actually saying the words mental health. It’s due to launch this month so watch this space

What’s exciting you most at the moment in your sector?

The food and beverage sector has really interesting innovations going on with sustainable packaging becoming mainstream. Many consumers are more aware of the environmental cost of modern conveniences.

Have you got anything exciting coming up you would like to tell us about?

We have two projects lined up which are brands created for the great of good, one we definitely can't talk about. The other is a brand that are going to produce a range of CBD oil edible products.  This is a non psychoactive version of cannabis that has been linked to reducing anxiety, aiding sleep and reduction in joint and muscle pain.

What’s your favourite thing about being based at Roco?

The space itself is perfect for us, our studio is beautiful, the location is great and as Friday rolls around it’s great to hit the terrace for some well earned after work beers.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own creative business?

Never lose sight of your original reason for setting up the business. For us we always wanted to create brands that moved people emotionally and it’s why we still get hired today.


What magazines/blogs do you read?

Novum, Its Nice That , Wired, Creative Review

Who are the influencers in your sector / who do admire on social media?

Universal Everything, Made Thought, Fuzz Co

Are there any hashtags you use/follow?

Not really

How can people follow and get in touch with you?

Your website

Social media and contact infos

Instagram @lyonandlyon

Twitter @lyonandlyon_


Huge thanks to Ben from Lyon & Lyon and if you would like to check out our studios for yourself then just drop us a line.

Andrea Burns