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Roll and Release Yoga at Roco


Roll and Release Yoga at Roco

Shake off the day, breathe deeply and iron out those kinks. Using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls we release tension and then move through a postural practice to lengthen, strengthen and increase mobility.

Roco are delighted to bring you a yoga class designed to release into those tight spots and create space in the body and mind after a day at the desk. Leave the class feeling calmer and a little more balanced, ready to tackle the rest of the week full of creativity and ideas.

Our Instructor Amy

Amy is a highly trained instructor having studied both sports therapy and anatomy she came to teach yoga via a professional arts career informed by the transformation power of movement study. She creates a warm and inviting teaching environment drawing on many years facilitating group work. Her inquiring and continually evolving practice includes extensive study with some of the leading teachers in the field of Yoga. Amy is inspired by a vision of yoga as a path to deepen our connection to ourselves and to our experiences.

Tickets £6:50 with Roco Membership Card £8 Regular Price

Please bring your membership card to secure your discount rate if that applies.