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Roco Grow.Co Making compost and keeping plants healthy

Making compost and keeping plants healthy

This week we look the wonderfully mucky work of 'Making compost and keeping plants healthy' - how to make homemade plant feed and growing green manures to improve soil. Its the fundamentals that will give your plants and veg the support and nutrition they need to produce you an abundance of tasty and healthy food through out the year. 

Its slowly starting to warm up and we are firmly thinking about spring and all the tasty veggies we can grow in our raised beds. Growing vegetables at home doesn't take a lot off effort & the rewards are huge. Join us this Saturday to start planning for the months ahead.

Whether you have a windowsill, space for a raised bed or plans for a larger plot we will getting the fundamentals in place to make sure 2018 is a super productive year.

Join our expert James Adams who runs Unity Edible Gardens where he helps set people up with edible and wildlife friendly gardens while hes not running food growing workshops and leading foraging walks in and around Sheffield.

We have lots of outside space here at Roco so this year we are making the most of it by growing our own food and we would love to share in that process. We are running a series of 6 workshops over 12 weeks to plan for our plot and give our spring seedlings the best possible start. 

10:30am - 12noon in our event space in Brood. 

Free tea and coffee provided.