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GDPR for Creative Businesses


Creative business legal workshop run by Peter Parker from Wrigleys Solicitors Tuesday 22nd May.

The GDPR requires that you are able to demonstrate that you comply with data protection and privacy law, so each organisation should have documentation which explains what data you hold, how you collect it and what you will do with it. The key documents that will enable you to do this are your Data Protection Policy and your Privacy Notices (also known as Fair Processing Notices).

This two hour practical workshop will explain the key changes being brought about to data protection and privacy law as a result of the GDPR and how you can, and give you some of the key tools* to, produce those documents and demonstrate compliance, based on the following three key steps:

• understanding what Personal Data you hold and process, looking at what data comes into the organisation (and from whom), what happens to it within the organisation and what data leaves the organisation (and to whom) (data mapping).

• understanding the lawful basis for holding and processing each type of Personal Data (lawful basis analysis).

• implementing any changes to your policies and procedures to ensure compliance (implementation).

*(i) lawful basis analysis form and (ii) template form of privacy notice.

Tickets are just £15